PATOKA LAKE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Businesses around Patoka Lake want to get the word out they're still open after drought conditions led to low water levels.

On beautiful sunny days, the beach is normally packed. Now, it sits empty because it's not safe for swimmers.

Tabatha Duran, the Patoka Lake Marina Store Manager says, "Out 50 feet from the shore, there is a shelf that drops off over 20-25 feet. Since we haven't had that summer rain, it's creating hazardous swimming conditions. So, the kids get out there and there is no bottom."

The Patoka Lake Marina keeps getting calls from people about the low water. So businesses are still trying to get the word out that the lake is still open. Boating continues, but with precautions. Tree stumps are sticking out of the water in shallow parts of the lake.

Duran says, "It actually makes it more visible and a little easier for boaters."

Boater Will Disinger says, "Yeah, it's really low. I saw there is like a small island over there that we had to dodge when we were boating, but the water still feels good."

The Patoka Beach is one of four beaches across the state of Indiana that have closed because of the drought. 

The dry conditions have led to more than half of Indiana's 92 counties to implement open burning bans.

Duran says, "Everyone can go boating. All ramps are open. All businesses are open. We encourage everyone to come out and visit Patoka Lake."

People here are hoping for some rain, so Patoka Lake Beach can reopen.

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