LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB-TV)--A west Louisville tradition that has been missing for more than two decades makes a comeback this weekend.  

"The last year we had it was in '88 and we had 39-thousand people," says Bill Price, WLOU.

After more than 20 years, Summerfest is making a comeback.

"Summerfest traditionally was the first weekend of summer," says Bill Price.

 Legendary radio personality and WLOU general manager Bill Price helped organize the event in the late 70s and says the return will be more family and adult friendly.

"A lot of adult people are nervous about coming out into their own community and certainly about coming to the park."

The festivities started Friday with a prayer breakfast.  That will be followed by a Saturday morning praise walk. 

"That takes place early and then starting at 12 o'clock we've got about 7 national recording artists coming into town," says Bill Price.

Nationally known gospel recording artist Jason Clayborn will headline event.  "We want to bring peace to our neighborhoods not just in the west end but all over the city of Louisville," says Clayborn.

In the past, Summerfest was R&B centered, but Clayborn says the gospel will give it a different feel. 

"I think it's going to be a lot bigger and better.  You have a lot of the churches, a lot of the pastors and leaders the city.. the mayor, the police chief...everybody supporting it," says Clayborn.

"Thank God we have people that are focusing their time, their energy and their prayers on our department, the men and women that are out their doing the job and this community,"says Chief Steve Conrad, LMPD.

Metro Police chief Steve Conrad attended Friday's prayer breakfast and is encouraged by what he saw.  Chief Conrad says," "Whether it's praying, whether it's getting involved but they're willing to get out there and make a difference it just gives me faith that we are going to be able to get out there and make this city safe."

As crews put the finishing touches on the park and Bill Price hopes the event will shine on the city.  "At least get started in making people feel comfortable back in their own park and back in their own community," says Price.

The event is from 9 to 9 on Saturday at Chickasaw Park.