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WDRB Facebook fans react to decision

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LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- WDRB's Facebook fans began commenting the moment the Supreme Court decision came down.  Among the reactions:

Bobbie S Varney says, "I'm still really confused by this health care law. If I could afford health care insurance now I would have it. So the government is going to force me to have it and I still won't be able to afford it. Please someone tell me if I got this all wrong."

Kelly Patterson's reaction:  "Better figure out how to pay for insurance or what the IRS can put a lein on your property just like with any other owed taxes... Our freedom is being voted away little by little every day. Sad."

Nickolas Swader commented, "If you truly can not afford it, it will be provided for you, just like government housing, your groceries, your section 8 housing you light bill, your water bill, your cell phone and cable TV all in exchange for your vote."

But Ashleigh Hazelwood Gross said, "I'm good with it ;)"

Gary Gator-Mason also approved of the decision: "Everyone needs health insurance! I have to pay boatloads for me and my family, so I feel it's fair for everyone to pay at least a little bit for theirs!"

And Rhonda Buchheit said, "I like the new law. Insurance premiums are high because they have to make up for deficits. The country is in debt partly because YOUR government passed a law saying a hospital cannot turn you away. Those bills go....where??...It's protection for us all. Quit being stubborn. You have car and house insurance I hope! Stop smoking and drinking beer and pop or reduce your cable bill and u can afford it. I work 2 jobs to pay for my kids & me."

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