PLEASURE RIDGE PARK, KY. -- (WDRB) You won't find any firefighters at one PRP fire station -- Fire Station 5 is empty.

Fire Chief Colonel Vincent Smith says he suspended 8 volunteer firefighters because of alcohol. He says there was alcohol at Fire Station 5 during Saturday June 2nd's Crusade for Children. He says the fire department has a zero tolerance for alcohol and consumption on the property.

The chief suspended all eight firefighters Monday after an internal investigation.  The Chief says they violated policies and procedures, including standards of personal conduct.  Some of those firefighters have been with the department for more than 20 years.

The Chief says he wants residents to know the fire district will still be covered. Chief Smith says, "We are concerned about response times. However, you got to understand, this is a volunteer company so when they are dispatched on a run, they have to come from home. That is typically two to four minutes by the time the run is dispatched that is already gone before they get to this firehouse . We have career staffing at other stations that will certainly be responding, will also be looking at Louisville Fire which has a fire station a mile away."

The findings of the investigation have now been turned over to the chairperson of the board of trustees. The chief says she'll decide if there is probable cause to pursue charges. There could also be a disciplinary hearing. The chief says a decision is expected to be made within the next couple of weeks.

In August, the fire district is starting a new recruit class. The chief says Station 5 has the fewest runs.  It had 96 last year out of the fire department's 3500 runs.

WDRB talked to one of the firefighters who was suspended. He says he's getting an attorney and didn't want to comment.

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