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Revisiting the Rebuilding Effort (7/12/12)

Back in March, deadly tornadoes swept through Henryville, Indiana, West Liberty, Kentucky and many other parts of our region. At the time I said "now is the time to help" because "soon this story will be pushed out of the media spotlight as others come along to take its place. As unthinkable as that is right now, it's inevitable."

Well, other stories have come along and attracted plenty of attention. But I'm proud and happy that many good people are keeping the rebuilding effort alive and well. As a matter of fact, earlier this week a man from Arkansas was honored for being the 10,000th volunteer to assist in Henryville's ongoing recovery. And most of the other affected towns continue to experience the same type of help.

Think about that. Over the past two weeks, while record-breaking temperatures and heat indexes kept many of us in our air-conditioned homes or offices, hundreds of others just kept at it, clearing debris, repairing roofs, or helping in countless other ways to get things back to normal. And in many cases, they were doing it for people they've never even met before.

I said recently that this is the best place I've ever lived. And stories like this only strengthen that opinion.

We may have a problem building some kinds of bridges. But I guess there are other kinds we're pretty darned good at.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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