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Some sports training advice from FitCorp

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Getting your employees to get active and stay active can be challenging. FitCorp, a highly individualized worksite wellness company, has started the Sports Performance Academy (SPA) for the workplace and for fitness facilities. The simple fact is that employees are more engaged and have more fun when they have a purpose. A great deal of people play golf without having guidance from a professional golf fitness coach that can design a sports-specific training program.

Carlos Rivas and Joe Lively with FitCorp helped Keith Kaiser get focused on going through the right motions.

Imagine having the exact muscles you use in golf conditioned so that you can hit the ball up to 40 yards longer, with more accuracy and without pain. Strength, power, flexibility, balance, core stability, and body awareness are all physical traits that every golfer must possess. Imagine the improvements you will make to not only your game but to your overall well being. You can accomplish this by focusing on 3 areas.

1. You need to have strong glutes to create the torque and power needed to hit the ball farther. Exercise Prescription: Squats, single leg squats, bridges, lunges and step-ups.

2. You need a strong balanced core. The abdominals and lower back must be strong to keep producing the torque and power that the glutes generate.

Exercise Prescription: Bridges/planks and woodchops

3. You need to improve your flexibility. An imbalance in flexibility could predispose you to an increased risk of injury; therefore, it is important to stretch the whole body for a better swing.

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