LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say a woman who trafficked in stolen identities made a big mistake when she tried to use one of her stolen credit cards at a Papa John's pizzeria.

It happened recently at the Papa John's on Southside Drive, at the intersection of Strawberry Lane. Police were sent there after someone reported that a customer tried to use a stolen credit card to pay for her pizza delivery.

The pizza was supposed to be delivered to a location on Mac Brae Road, near New Way.

On Wednesday, police went to Mac Brae Road as part of a special investigation. When they arrived on the scene, they allegedly found 23-year-old India Sanchez Hidalgo. Officers say she gave them permission to search her purse.

Inside, officers allegedly found more than 50 credit card numbers, some of which included names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Hidalgo was charged with trafficking in stolen identities.

Officers are requesting that she receive a high bond, adding that she is part of a larger investigation that is ongoing.

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