Bridge Woes Reflect Serious Neglect (7/19/12)

First, the Sherman Minton Bridge was closed for nearly six months because of safety concerns.

And now, the repair project on the Kennedy Bridge just keeps stretching on and on as workers continue to find much more serious structural problems there than anyone anticipated.

It's no wonder drivers who commute between Kentucky and Indiana are tearing their hair out. But it should also be no surprise that we're caught in such a mess. Because America has neglected its infrastructure for so long, it was inevitable that things would start to crumble around us sooner or later.

This is a shame. One of the basic roles of the federal government is to build and maintain the infrastructure that binds us together as a nation. And aside from national defense, I can't think of a single thing Washington has more business being involved in.

Yet during a time when we continue to spend more money than ever on questionable social programs and pork projects, we've allowed our essential physical assets to deteriorate to a crisis point. And the cost to correct this situation will be staggeringly more than we would have ever spent on proper, timely maintenance.

We're learning the hard way that America's legislators have been irresponsible caretakers of our home. So blame them – not the men and women in hardhats – the next time you're stuck on the Kennedy.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.