The do-it-yourself home improvement experts from the Home Depot demonstrate how to hang large artwork or photos in your home.

Joe Autry and Scott Krueger explain how to properly measure and level the frame. They suggest using a laser level to get it right the first time.

Then they demonstrate different hangers which can be used to secure the frame.

You will need different hangers based on the weight of the frame you are hanging. The hangers are weight rated from 10 lbs to 200 lbs.

They also suggest using a stud finder when you need to hang heavy objects to make sure your art, photo or mirror is placed safely and securely.

Different type of anchors and hangers:

Ribbed Plastic Anchor: Holds very little weight and often rips out of walls over time. Hanging light frames and electrical hardware, such as a power strip, thermostat, or handheld vacuum.

Medium-Strength Plastic Wall Anchor: Breaks off behind the drywall to create a stronger hold. Slightly heavier picture frames or a telephone, a light shelf, or bulletin board up to 35 pounds.

Tap-N-Lock Drywall Anchor: Backing splits when the screw is set for a better hold. Fire extinguisher, clothing hooks, and other medium-weight items up to 50 pounds.

Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor: Works in drywall and wood and won't break if you hit a stud; has threads to prevent anchors from pulling out easily. Good For: Shelves, heavier picture frames, and wardrobe needs up to 75 pounds.

Self-Drilling Toggle Bolt Anchors: Toggles in back to form a very secure hold; better than old spring-backed toggle bolts, where a large drill bit or paddle bit is needed to drill a hole in the wall. Shelves, brackets for televisions, light fixtures, and heavy mirrors weighing 100 pounds or more.

Concrete Wall Anchors: Once set, concrete wall anchors hold a great deal of weight. Television brackets, shelf units, heavy pictures, and mirrors.

For more information from Home Depot on hangers and anchors for your walls, click here.