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Mollie Shouse takes the stand in her own murder trial

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LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- Mollie Shouse, the woman accused of murder after police say she left her 2-year-old son in a hot car while high on drugs, has taken the stand in her own trial.

Shouse took the stand in her own defense shortly after 1 p.m. Friday.

Wiping away tears, Shouse told the court that the day her son died was the worst day of her life.
Previously, the lead detective in the case said at first Shouse agreed to take a drug test -- then changed her mind and refused.

Shouse is accused of murdering her son while high on drugs by leaving him in a hot car last May.

On the witness stand on Friday she denied being high on that day.

But she did admit to having a drug problem and said she had not sought any professional help to deal with her problems. 

She said she loved her son. "Every day, every night, we were attached at the hip," she testified, We did everything together, we ate together, we played together, we slept together.

Breaking down on the stand she said,"I am so sorry, I am so sorry."

The prosecution has now rested its case.  The defense made a motion Friday morning to reduce the charge from murder to manslaughter -- the judge denied that motion.

Shouse was the only witness called for the defense.

Thursday in court, we heard the taped interview where police questioned Shouse just hours after Kenton Brown was found dead.

Shouse told police she had gone shopping at the mall, to Wendy's, Thornton's, and back to her apartment with her son, before he was found dead in her car outside the apartment.

However, she switched her story numerous times when talking with police.

"Everything is changed from the first time you told the story. Every little thing is changing," Detective Kristen Downs with Louisville Metro Police told Shouse in the interview.

Early on, Shouse told police the morning that this happened, she and Kenton ran errands and then were planting flowers.

"He was playing and he was jumping in and out of the car," Mollie Shouse said.

When police questioned Shouse about what she was doing as Kenton was in the car alone, she told them they were about to leave, and she went inside to change pants.

"I was actually on my way out the door," says Shouse.

However, later in the interview that changed.

Shouse admitted to changing her stories to police but defended her actions saying she was so upset at the death of her son that she couldn't be held responsible for what she was saying.

 It was such an accident," Shouse said crying.

Even the question of how long he was inside the car changed.

She initially said in the interview that he was left alone for 10 minutes. As police asked her the same question numerous times throughout the interview, her answer changed.

"Maybe approximately 30 minutes," Shouse said.

Up to 45 minutes is what she guessed at one time in her interview, but authorities say it was longer than that.

Shouse told police he was awake in the car when she left him and then later, told them he was actually asleep.

Pills, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia were all shown in court Thursday that were recovered from Shouse's apartment, as well as clothing that Kenton was wearing the day he died.

Meanwhile, attorneys argued over some statements Shouse made in the interview. Shouse said she had been depressed because her son's father was a "loser" and had been in jail for murder. Shouse's defense attorney argued that the jury needs to know she did not have any support with the child because of the father being in jail, but did not need to know why he was in jail.

Prosecutor Erin White argued that information pertaining to Shouse's prior criminal history, like a previous DUI, would not be known to the jury. White argued the information pertaining to Brown's father was in fact about the father -- not Shouse.

Judge Olu Stevens sided with the defense, saying the fact of why the father was in jail was irrelevant to the case. The prosecution had to redact the information out of the police interview, which was several hours long.

If convicted, Shouse faces life in prison.

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