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Olympic Complaints are Just Sour Grapes (8/2/12)

Having first-hand knowledge of all the planning and work that went into WDRB's coverage of this year's Thunder over Louisville, I'm confident our telecast stands as the single largest production ever attempted by a local TV station in America.

But that effort is certainly dwarfed by NBC's massive coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Think about it – every minute of every event is being televised, with cameras in every possible position. An army of planners has literally lived in London for many months laying the groundwork. And millions have been invested in the most sophisticated high-def equipment available.

But that's not enough for some people.  "NBC Fails" has become the trendy battle cry on social media lately as legions of whiners on Twitter have made it their mission to dig for something – anything – about the network's coverage to complain about.  And I'd bet the overwhelming majority of gripes come from people who haven't accomplished one thing of note in their lives.

This is nonsense. It takes no talent, skill or insight to criticize things you can't begin to understand. Tearing down just for the sake of tearing down has become a sickness in our society, and I reject it.

So congratulations, NBC – you're doing all right by me.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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