LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- New Albany Police may have another lead in the case of a suspected serial killer.  Detectives have been looking for a truck that once belonged to William Clyde Gibson, and they found it this week in Stanton County, Nebraska.

Meanwhile, things are finally back to normal outside the New Albany home of Gibson.

"Police have been gone for a while and family is coming and going doing something over there, I'm not for sure what," says David Boren, Gibson's next door neighbor.

Boren has seen dozens of police and crime scene technicians searching Gibson's home and even digging in his back yard.  "I thought everything was pretty much over. I thought maybe they weren't going to hear anything more until trial."

But this week, New Albany Police followed up on a lead that took them all the way to Stanton County, Nebraska.

"Early on in the investigation we uncovered evidence that Clyde Gibson had been in possession, one way or another, of this vehicle," says Major Keith Whitlow, with New Albany Police.

Gibson is charged in connection with the deaths of three women.  The timing of when he owned the truck is what led police to Nebraska, according to Major Whitlow,"During some of the alleged times that he had committed some of the offenses and we thought it'd probably be feasible for us to go ahead and process that vehicle for any evidence that might strengthen the cases we have here."

Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger says it was not difficult to track the vehicle down says Unger,"The vehicle was located in a community within our jurisdiction. There is obviously information that leads everyone to believe that it was used in the commission of some of his criminal activity in 2002."

"You kind of wonder how bad, how bad things really are," says Boren.

The waiting hasn't been easy for neighbors like Boren.  He still has a lot of questions about Gibson, the case and the murders. "Because you heard some many rumors about different things that went on and it's like well, how much more are they withholding and not telling the public."

There is a gag order in the case, which prohibits Gibson from talking to police or the media until after he undergoes a psychological evaluation. 

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