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The Miracle Traffic Stop (8/9/12)

It's rarely pleasant when you're pulled over by the police. But every once in awhile, it's the answer to a prayer.

Take the case of Shawn Bloemer, who was abducted, bound and gagged and locked in his own trunk early last Saturday morning by a trio of kidnappers, who then drove off for an unknown destination.

Understandably, Bloemer was terror-stricken as he labored to breathe, unaware of his captors' plans and afraid he wouldn't survive the night.

But then, he caught the ultimate break in the person of Louisville Metro Police Officer Fred Wilson, who spotted the driver committing a traffic violation and pulled the car over to investigate. After Wilson was joined by a second officer, Daniel Goldberg, the pair heard a strange commotion coming from the trunk, checked it out, discovered Bloemer and prevented what could have been a tragedy.

Officers Wilson and Goldberg would probably say they were just doing their job, and they'd be correct. But in this case, that job involved very possibly saving a young man's life. And for that, they deserve to be called heroes.

I'm sure Officer Wilson has taken a lot of lip from people who have seen his flashing blue lights in their rear view mirror. But if you happen to spot his name tag the next time you're pulled over, you might just want to shake his hand.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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