LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Remember this about the polls that the guys at CBSSports.com are conducting about college basketball:

They are hardly scientific. And everybody who speaks has been granted anonymity. Some say anonymity inspires honesty. Others say it inspires agendas.

Factor that backdrop into the answers produced this week by the CBSSports.com questions. There are dozens of ways to read the stories that have determined that Roy Williams of North Carolina is the most overrated coach in the game and that Fran Dunphy of Temple is the most underrated coach.

Today's poll is guaranteed to stir more bile. They asked nearly 100 coaches to name the coach that they believe is the biggest cheater in the game. The answer is sure to produce a tsunami of backlash from Kentucky fans because CBS says that John Calipari (36 percent) edged Scott Drew of Baylor (34 percent) for the top spot.

Jim Calhoun of Connecticut, whose program is on probation and can't play in the NCAA tournament next season because of academic issues, finished fourth with a surprisingly low 7 percent.

Here is the link:

What does it mean?

That Calipari is not loved by some of his peers – not that he particularly cares. It doesn't affect the results of last season – and won't affect the results of next season. It also means that the e-mails and voice-mails of the CBSSports.com guys are going to overflow with love.

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