MT. WASHINGTON, KY.  (WDRB-TV)--It was a tragic accident that claimed the life of a 15 year old boy who was riding his bicycle.  Now the family and friends of Prescott Goodman are raising money to build a bike park.  They want to give other riders a safe place to go.

From the many pictures on the site, it's easy to see, Prescott Goodman loved being on his bike.

"That was his passion," says Chrystal Goodman, Prescott's mother.

And his passion was so strong that he could make his bike do tricks that most people have never dreamed or heard of.

"And there was names for ' know...I don't know what they are but like a tailwind," says Goodman.

But unfortunately his bike may have also claimed his life in June. Goodman was leaving school when she got the news.  She says, "I was driving down the Gene Snyder Freeway and when I hit the Smyrna Road exit I got a phone call from a detective asking me if I was driving or if somebody else was driving."

Police told Goodman that her son had been hit by a car across the street from the Mt. Washington Kroger store.

"When you get up over that hill that heads into Mt. Washington, that's all I saw was lights."

Prescott was pronounced dead at the scene.  Goodman says, "And I knew, without being told."

Since then, Goodman has put up a memorial at the site of the accident and even has a sticker in the rear window of her car, but that's just the beginning.

"What we're trying to do...we are bringing together this plan to bring a bike park in the Mt. Washington area."

Right now, family and friends are raising money to build a bike park in the near future.

"We are promoting safety and to give back."

Goodman says the park is needed because there are so many bike or bmx enthusiasts in the Mt. Washington area.

"My dream goal for the park would be a central location here in the town."

The project is still in the early stages but it's already giving Goodman something she's never had.

"He found a passion that in my 33 years I have never found."

That is until now.

"BMX is a sport and it does need to be recognized or else there's going to be more fatalities if we don't help."

Family and friends are holding a fundraiser this Sunday from 1 to 6 at Club Fitness on Bardstown Road.  All of the proceeds will be used to build the bmx bike park.