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WDRB News interviews Joshua Gouker

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Chilling details and allegations emerged Monday afternoon as WDRB News anchor Bennett Haeberle interviewed Joshua Gouker.   In an interview that lasted less than an hour, Gouker again claimed he was solely responsible for the murder of his stepson Trey Zwicker.  He also said he is remorseful, and should remain behind prison bars.

Shackled at his wrists and ankles, murder suspect Josh Gouker says he wants to unlock the truth.  "It's the worst thing I ever did," he told WDRB News.

Behind the razor-wire fences at the Little Sandy Correctional Complex, Gouker says he was angry and drunk the night he killed his 14-year-old stepson Trey Zwicker.  "Only two people know what the guaranteed truth is," Gouker said, "and one of them is dead." 

He says that, dismissing claims by prosecutors that he is covering up for his 16-year-old biological son, Josh Young, who is also charged in Zwicker's death. 

Gouker says he was struggling with the fact his wife aborted their baby and was upset with Trey for stealing marijuana from him when he snapped.

"I hit him," Gouker told WDRB's Bennett Haeberle on Monday.  "The first time.  Then that probably wouldn't 'a did it.  Now I'm just drunk and I'm so mad that this is how my life finally ended."

When Haeberle asked, "Did you use your fists?" Gouker replied, "No."  When asked what he did use, Gouker replied, "I'm not going to say right now.  But they don't have it."

When asked whether he disposed of it, Gouker said, "I'm not telling you."  When Haeberle pressed him, pointing out that answer was not a "no," Gouker said only, "I know they don't have it."

He says he is remorseful for Trey's death:  "There's not a way you can make it up -- somebody's death.  I don't believe in that heaven and hell (expletive).  When you're dead, you're dead. 

While awaiting trial, he offers this consolation:  "Never let me back out.  I'm no good out there."  He said if he were ever released, he would plot to hurt others.

Prosecutors say they will go ahead with their case, charging both Gouker and his son, Joshua Young.

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