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Louisville neighbors and recycling plant fighting over dust

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Joy Basu owns Green City Recycling Joy Basu owns Green City Recycling
Frank Kenemore says dust from a nearby recycling plant settles on property and vehicles. Frank Kenemore says dust from a nearby recycling plant settles on property and vehicles.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WDRB) -- Some Louisville families say a local recycling company is making it difficult for them to "love thy neighbor." 

That's because a nearby recycling company is also grinding wood. 

"I notice all of the dust on my car every day," said Frank Kenemore, who lives nearby.

Kenemore lives just down the street from Green City Recycling on Beech Street in West Louisville.  He says, "You can see it coming up over there." Kenemore is one of dozens of neighbors unhappy with the company. "I started to call the EPA on them."

Neighbors say the company is producing large amounts of sawdust. "You can see it in the yard back there, big piles of sawdust," Kenemore said.

And when the dust settles, it ends up all over their homes and cars. 

"It gets bad; I have to get it washed about once a week," Kenemore said.

Joy Basu, who owns the Green City Recycling, says he is aware of the concerns.

"In the last week our neighbors have come in and said that they have dust on their cars and their front porches," Basu said.

Basu says the complaints have escalated to threats. "They came in here and spoke rudely to the office manager, threatened to call the news and the air pollution and everyone else."

Basu says the company does grind some wood, but is mainly a demolition and industrial recycling plant. 

"So we take stuff that people throw away, we repackage it and send it for recycling purposes," Basu said.

We showed up unannounced and were allowed to shoot video both inside and outside. Basu says he has even had a recent visit from the EPA. 

"They came here and they've told us how to fix the problem already," Basu said. "They were here Monday."

And surprisingly, it is a quick fix. "They talked to us and told us to water the lot by the gate."

Basu says he has considered leaving because of the recent drama with neighbors.

But Frank Kenemore says that's not his goal. 

"I don't want them to move," Kenemore said. "When they had the meeting that they were going to buy that place, I went to the meeting. I agreed with it."

Basu says he is also working on another solution to the problem and hopes to share that with neighbors in the near future.

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