LEXINGTON, Ky. -- (WDRB) Two people face charges including assault, resisting arrest and public intoxication following an incident outside Commonwealth Stadium before the UK - Western Kentucky football game.

Some of the attack was caught on video, and it has gone viral.

The video shows a group of men, some wearing UK gear, attacking another man wearing a UK t-shirt.

Authorities say they do not know what sparked the assault.

While the victim is on the ground he is punched repeatedly.

At one point, a man looks as if he is trying to break up the assault, but instead, kicks the victim in the head.

The victim does stagger to his feet, scratched and bloody, but apparently still looking to fight.

UK says the two arrested are not students, but the investigation continues.

"This is very unfortunate, and so we're very saddened by this particular event. But we will not tolerate this particular behavior. We will take swift actions," said Dr. Robert Moch, VP for Student Affairs.

We showed the video to a group of UK fans who were camping outside Memorial Coliseum to get tickets to Big Blue Madness. They were shocked to see this kind of madness.

"I don't know what happened. I don't know what the circumstances were, but I don't agree with that at all."

"That's not what the fans are about. That's uncalled for."

"It's not about violence. It's about support for the team."

"It doesn't surprise me in that people get stupid at football games, any kind of sporting events, especially when there's a lot alcohol involved."

This is where the apparent assault occurred. Students call it The Bowl, where they gather for tailgating before UK home games. Students tell me it's usually fun and festive. But not violent.

"Even it's a game where the fans don't exactly get along, it's still kind of more of a playful, let's get the game going kind of atmosphere," said George Sorenson.

"Yes, I think it kind of gives us a little bit of a bad reputation. Makes us look pretty immature," said Hal Bomar.

UK says it is taking steps to prevent future incidents like this one.

"Having a greater police presence, working with our local community partners who help us with safety," said Dr. Moch.

And more arrests may be coming.

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