Louisville, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bed Bugs! They're ugly and nasty and nobody wants them around.

But there's a new detective in town that knows where these little guys hide.

Bugsy is a Patterdale Terrier and is the newest member of the bed bug detection team at Black Diamond Termite and Pest Control.

He is small in stature, but no job is too tall for Bugsy.

His handler and partner and crime Skip Cissna says, "one human inspector usually performs 12 daily inspections, Bugsy can perform 40 plus a day."

The Patterdale Terrier is the His partner in crime Skip Cissna says Bugsy can outwork anyone on the current staff.

We hid a few cans of live bed bugs and watched the little guy go to work.

In no time at all, he led Skip straight to their hiding place.

Skip says, bed bugs give off a funky aroma which reveals their exact location. Bugsy gets a treat every time he finds where the bugs are hiding. It's a fun game for the dog."

According to the experts, the small unwanted insects can be found just about anywhere and travel from location to location. It's common to find the bugs in hotels, movie theatres, restaurants and any high traveled area.

Finding bed bugs may be a fun game for Bugsy, but it's not a game of hide and seek homeowners want to play.

For more information about Bugsy or bed bug detection, 877-DEAD-BUG or click here.  

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