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CRAWFORD: Tweets from press row - Infield fly edition

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LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- More thoughts in the style of Twitter, or, if you prefer Halloween candy nomenclature, "fun size."

# To me, "fun size" is the really big bag of Peanut M&Ms, not the one with a single handful in the package.

# I think I saw a couple of bags of M&Ms fly out onto the Turner Field outfield after the NL Wild Card infield fly rule controversy Friday.

# Excuse me. Did I say outfield? Clearly, that was the infield. Even if they did almost hit the left fielder.

# I already see where some baseball wonks are jumping up to defend the call of an infield fly rule on a pop up in not-so-shallow left field.

# Rules are rules, but an infield fly ought to, first and foremost, be on the infield. Still, it did not directly cost Atlanta the ballgame.

# As calls go, it wasn't as egregious as the one that cost Green Bay a win at Seattle. That one settled the game. This one may or may not have.

# Did anyone notice -- there were a lot of Braves fans who seemed to have more accurate arms than the Braves infielders on Friday.

# Speaking of flying out and getting a raw deal, if you read only one harrowing travel tale of airline apathy and ineptitude, read this one. Twice.

# A little journalism inside baseball -- redesigned web sites for both SBNation and Fox Sports Next (formerly went live recently.

# Both are an improvement, but the SBNation revamp ( locally) is one of the best-looking redesigns I've seen.

# SBNation, by the way, says the hoops meeting between UK and U of L is the nation's best top non-conference matchup this season.

# USA Today also has improved itself not only with its print and web redesigns, but with some seriously good hires in the past year.

# If only that redesign hadn't taken five years to launch.

# I once sat in on a Gannett meeting to tell us how cutting edge we were going to be, and they couldn't get the "webinar" equipment to work right.

# Congrats to my WDRB colleague Rick Bozich for taking the No. 2 spot for best columnist in the LEO Readers' Choice Awards.

# I finished at No. 4 for most popular columnist ... In my own family.

# Quote from my 14-year-old Katie when President Obama vowed to hire 100,000 math and science teachers during the debate : "He just lost me."

# Found while unpacking office stuff: A typewritten copy of Dave Kindred's 17 rules of sports writing.

# Rule No. 1: Tell the story. Write it as you'd tell it to somebody.

# How quickly they forget. A TBS graphic identified baseball's all-time Iron Man as Carl Ripken Jr. In the booth tonight.

# Saturday morning ACC check.

# It still stinks.

# Some good news for the league -- newcomers Pitt and Syracuse played each other and couldn't both lose this week.

# Though they gave it their best shot.

# Georgia State is dropping $10,000 in cash from the top of the Georgia Dome and letting students with vouchers scramble for it on the field Saturday.

# Because it's open to all students, even GSU athletes can be a part of the contest.

# Not to be outdone, UK is making plans to drop a million dollars, two rappers and an SUV from the Rupp roof during Big Blue Madness.

# J/K.

# Ohio State has signed a football home-and-home deal with TCU. Would've been a nice get for Louisville.

# Actual Tweet from Ohio State third string QB Cardale Jones: "Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL"

# But he didn't stop there, adding, "we ain't come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS."

# I'm pretty sure we've seen the last of Cardale on Twitter for a while.

# That'll probably do it for now. I ain't come to play TWEET all day. Out.

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