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Polls – Not a Substitute for Real Political Reporting (10/9/12)

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For a long time, my biggest gripe about elections has been the reliance of candidates on mud-slinging campaigns.

But now I have a new pet peeve regarding the Presidential election. And that's the incessant polling that's being done almost hourly by every research organization imaginable and then reported as headline news by every national media outlet.

This strikes me as lazy journalism. Sure, polls have their place. But national media sources should be paying much more attention to the real substance of each candidate and analyzing the policies they've implemented or want to implement. Otherwise, how can voters have an adequate understanding of their choices when they go to vote?

Instead, serious analysis is shoved aside to make room for the latest poll results, trivializing the process as little more than horse race coverage. "Who's ahead today?" and "Who's making up ground?" take precedence over the question of "Who's the best choice to lead us for the next four years and why?"

The only poll that ultimately counts is the one on November 6. And on that day your candidate should get your vote because he's likely to be the kind of leader who shares your values – not because he won or lost a popularity contest among a few hundred people in October.

Do polls affect how you'll vote? Call and tell us.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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