Keith Kaiser tried out some of the firearms at Knob Creek Gun Range before their bi-annual Machine Gun Shoot
The participants are machine gun dealers, collectors and enthusiasts from all over the country.
The Machine Gun Shoot itself consists of four rounds of firing at a wide variety of used appliances, abandoned vehicles,
and barrels of fuel with pyrotechnic charges attached.
The pyrotechnic charges are painted orange for the shooter to see.
The charges are set off by the impact of the bullets, creating fiery mushroom clouds and giant fireballs.
The objective is simple, destroy everything down range.
A wide variety of rare and exotic weaponry will be on display, such as Water Cooled Brownings, Mini-guns, AK-47's, MG-42's, Tommy Guns, M-16's, Vickers Belt Fed, Uzis, MP5's & many more.
The spectacle that's been happening since the 60's begins Friday, October 12th and goes through Sunday, October 13th with the big Machine Gun Shoot Saturday night.
Admission $10.
Click here for directions to Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, KY.