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Airlines Declare War on Consumers (10/11/12)

Is anyone else as alarmed as I am about the deterioration of airline service in this country over the past decade or so?

Whether it's charging extra for window or aisle seats, ridiculous baggage fees accompanied by deteriorating service or the elimination of all comfort so passengers can be squeezed onto planes like cattle, the airlines of America seem to have declared war on consumers.

It wasn't that long ago that U.S. airlines were the best in the world. But, at least from the standpoint of reliability and punctuality, those days are long gone.

Why is no one talking about this?

One of our employees, Rick Wookey, recently had one of the most nightmarish travel experiences flying to and from Italy that you could possibly imagine. I could never do justice to the story, so I encourage you to read it for yourself:

[WDRB employee recounts travel experience "you can't make up"]

At every step along the way, when a United States airline company was involved, they failed miserably.

Some will say this is a natural result of deregulation. If that's the case, maybe the airline industry should go back to being government-regulated. It's not my ideal solution to any problem, but if the airline industry continues to deteriorate at the current rate, it poses a serious threat to national commerce.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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