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Cameras installed to catch illegal dumping

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LOUISVILLE, KY.  (WDRB) -- A picture may be worth a thousand words but it could also be worth a thousand dollar fine for illegal dumping.  The city of Louisville now has a tool to help catch people who dump their trash.

Several months ago, Metro Council purchased cameras to help catch illegal dumping in certain areas.  This week, the first camera was installed and started taking pictures.

"I'm sick of it; I mean my neighbors are sick of it, we're sick of it," says Rob Board, West Louisville neighbor.

If Board sounds a little angry, the alleyway behind his home in west Louisville might explain his some of his frustration.

Board says, "Who would want to live around this?"

It is littered with tires, trash and even abandoned furniture.

"It's somebody's old couch.  They didn't want, they come back here and throw it.  Park and throw it over here," says Board.

But the new camera should help either end the dumping or catch the dumpers.

"The cameras are designed to adjust for light levels, which means that we can pick up a license plate from a fairly long distance away," says Pete Flood, with Solid Waste Management.

And the camera has already started producing images of illegal dumping in parts of the city.  The pictures will be posted to Solid Waste Management's website.

Flood says, "And on there you will see an icon for illegal dumping."

Meanwhile, the signs are posted, warning people of a one thousand dollar fine for illegal dumping...but Flood says a new ordinance now on the books takes it a costly step further.

"Our new ordinance is intended to start impounding vehicles up to six months or 12 months depending on what type of material was dumped," says Flood.

"They should even face some type of jail time because this is ridiculous," says Board.

Board is glad the cameras are finally up, but plans to continue monitoring his alleyway...even if it means breaking street code.

Board says, "It's not snitching; it's taking care of your house and your neighborhood."

18 more cameras will be installed in the near future at various locations throughout the city.  Each camera is capable of taking and storing thousands of images a day.

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