LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- All eyes are on Centre College in Danville as it prepares to host the Vice Presidential Debate, and officials there are concentrating on making sure everything runs smoothly.

The stakes are high for this debate because the two tickets are neck and neck according to the latest polls. So faculty and students at Centre College have been busy making sure that the focus stays on the issues and the headlines aren't about any goof-ups on the college's part.

For the past few days, Centre's campus has been literally fenced in, with state police restricting access for security reasons and officials making sure the debate goes off without a hitch.

"It takes a village to host a debate -- it actually takes villages to host debates," said Centre College Spokesman Michael Strysick. "And we have about 500 volunteers here on campus, and 150 volunteers in the community."

Classes continued as usual Thursday, but with the debate just hours away, students have plenty of company.

More than 3,000 media representatives were expected on campus to cover the debate.

Vice President Joe Biden was due to in Lexington shortly after noon Thursday; Congressman Paul Ryan's plane landed at the Bluegrass Airport yesterday.

Both campaigns were approaching tonight's clash as a potential game changer.

The heat is especially on Joe Biden after President Obama's admitted lackluster performance last week.

"There's quite a bit of pressure on him [Biden] to do better than the president did, to do the kinds of things that the president did not do," said  Richard Benedetto. "For example, talk about the 47 percent and get into the issues about taxes and how much tax cuts Romney wants. He has that pressure on him. But he has to watch out that he doesn't get too aggressive."

Ryan's aides say he's confident he can handle questions about federal spending and taxes.

Meanwhile, Biden's strong suit is still considered foreign policy.

You can watch the debate live at 9 p.m. on WDRB, followed by WDRB News at 10:30.

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