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MURDER SUSPECT: "They just made a killer out of me"

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LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- For the first time, we're hearing from the man accused of murdering two people inside a church at a homeowner's association meeting.

In video, you can see Mahmoud Hindi waiting for his police interview to start.  At one point, he begins lying on the floor.  He says he has back issues.

But when his police interview is underway, he tells investigators about his long-running dispute with some of his neighbors. He calls some of them racists and says he has suffered depression from how they treat him and their issues with his home.

Hindi says, "They had made a killer out of me, actually. I was a very very very actually good person, very God conscious actually and never intended to harm even a butterfly in my life actually. They just made a killer out of me and I had to do it."

Police say right after shooting Homeowners Association President, 73-year-old David Merritt and 69-year-old Marvin Fisher, Mahmoud Hindi talked freely and matter of fact about his actions.

Hindi: "I stood up and shot Mr. Merritt that way."

Police: "Was Mr. Merritt sitting down or was he standing?"

Hindi: "He was sitting."

Police: "OK, he was sitting. Was he at this angle?"

Hindi: "I think he was sitting at this table here. And then I didn't imagine myself I can do even that and I didn't know what happened. I mean, I immediately turned to Mr. Fisher and shot him."

Hindi says he shot each of them once. He brought a gun and extra bullets, but never planned to shoot anyone else at the HOA meeting inside Springdale Community Church. He said he had six bullets in the gun and six more bullets in his bag.

Hindi was upset over deed restrictions to his property and blamed Merritt and Fisher. The Metro Department of Public Works and Assets determined that both were illegally constructed and violated the city's Land Development Code. There had been court hearings over it.

Police: "How long have you had thoughts about shooting Mr. Merritt and Mr. Fisher?"

Hindi: "To be honest with you, when they came with me on the 28th of August to the site with Mr. (inaudible) I wish I had shot them at that time."

But Hindi tells police that night on September 6th, he had planned to talk with them at the meeting to try and get the issue resolved.

It was his daughter's birthday and he had plans to go home for her celebration, but instead after his police interview, he was put in a white suit. He was handcuffed and taken to jail.

Hindi says, "I never thought I can kill anybody."

Hindi could face the death penalty.

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