The ABC Kids Expo is an opportunity for inventors to get their items designed to help parents out on the market. From getting the kids to school on time to saying modest while breast feeding, the expo has is all.

Dawn Farver with Girls Looking Cute invented at life size paper doll that kid's can dress before they go to bed. Farver was inspired after he daughter would put all her clothes on the floor while trying to figure out what to wear.

Tobi Porter invented freezable milk trays. They have one ounce sections that can fit into the mouth of a bottle. Porter thought of the idea when she went back to work as a firefighter and her husband had to throw away unused breast milk. The trays also work for baby food.

Elena Leppard created two items that make breastfeeding in public easier. It's a two product combo. A tank top attaches to a mother's bra to cover her back and stomach while breastfeeding. Then a strap that loops around the mothers neck attaches to any blanket to provide modesty.

The Expo is filled with creative items like these to help out parents. The Expo is at the Kentucky Exposition Center but is only open to trade members. Most of the vendors do have web sites. You can learn more at the virtual show at