Louisville, KY (WDRB) -- Kentucky's largest employer is beefing up its workforce for the holiday season and plans to hire one-thousand workers.  Sterling Riggs swaps gigs with a UPS warehouse employee see what it takes to stay on schedule.

A normal day on the grind at UPS Worldport looks like organized chaos.  In a 24 hour period, 1.5 million packages move through Louisville's hub which spans 80 football fields.

The packages arrive by plane in shipping containers referred to as igloos.

Sterling spent the afternoon working along side ramp manager Jon Barrie.  He's been with the company 31 years and made one thing clear-time is of the essence.

During a 4 hour shift, an employee can unpack 15 igloos. That's 6,000 packages, and it's a back-breaking task!

Depending on the size of the box, it's placed on three different conveyer belts. From there, a machine scans the package and mechanically moves it through the facility.

The precious cargo finally arrives at the outbound station where it's repacked into another igloo to be shipped onto its finial destination.

Barrie says, "It's kind of like playing with blocks as a kid. You look at what space you have. It's kind of like Tetris."

Two hours on the job gave me a great appreciation for the work that's done by the employees at Kentucky's largest employer.

And as the saying goes, hard work always pays off.

"Sterling you are hired."

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