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911 calls released from Springdale Community Church shooting

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The 911 calls have been released from the night of the Springdale Community Church shooting that left two men dead last month.

On September 6, police say Mahmoud Hindi walked into a Springdale homeowner's association meeting and shot 70-year-old David Merritt and 69-year-old Marvin Fisher.

Merritt died that night. Fisher passed away several days later.

This was one of the first calls after the shooting:


Caller: "Somebody said that somebody has been shot and is dead in the back of the church, very back of the property. They said they're shot down. 4601 Springdale Road, Springdale Community Church."

Dispatcher: "Ok, has someone been shot?"

Caller: "Yes, somebody has been shot, yes."

Dispatcher: "Ok, what are your...are you with them?"

Caller: "They were having a homeowner's association meeting from the neighborhood across the street. Somebody from there shot a gun. Oh, Lord Jesus."


One of the next calls that night provided more details about the possible shooter.


Dispatcher: "How many people have been shot?"

Caller: "I think two."

Dispatcher: "Ok."

Caller: "I heard two shots."

Dispatcher: "Where is the person? Is he still inside?"

Caller: "Yes, he's still inside."

Dispatcher: "Is there any serious bleeding?"

Caller: "I...we ran out. I ran out."

Dispatcher: "Ok, help is on the way. Can you give a description of the person who did this?"

Caller: "Um, it's Hindi. What's his name? He lives right here in our subdivision, across from here. We were having a homeowner's association meeting."


The callers included a retired LMPD officer, who just happened to be at that meeting, and jumped in to subdue Hindi.

Dispatcher: "Where were they shot? What part of the body?"

Caller: "I've got two head wounds."

Dispatcher: "Two head wounds?"

Caller: "Upper body and possibly head wounds, yes. I've got the scene secured. I've got the assailant secured. We have the weapon secured. And, we have two victims, so we need EMS as soon as you can get them here."


Later in the call, the officer talks to Hindi as he prepares to search him.

Officer: "I'm going to see if there are any other weapons on you. You're not going to not allow me to do that. Because when the officer comes, they'll do it their way."

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