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JCPS outperformed by 76% of the state's schools

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's the day districts have been waiting for...finding out where their schools rank.

We're learning exactly where Kentucky schools stand under new testing guidelines -- and it's not good.

JCPS was outperformed by 76 percent of the state's schools.

Under the scores, schools fall into one of three categories: "Distinguished," "Proficient" and "Needs Improvement." For example, Central High School falls into the "Needs Improvement" category, meaning it's below the 70th percentile compared to other schools in the state.

JCPS Board member Linda Duncan says, "We're all undergoing the same challenge to teach two levels above from what we are normally teaching using 90 percent as the mark for proficient. So the whole state is going through this challenge. We've used 80 percent in the past."

Bob Rodosky with JCPS Data Management says, "Your kids might have a lower score in reading and in math this year. I mean a lower level, but that doesn't mean they got dumber. It means they are now being asked to perform at a higher standard."

But under the higher standard, JCPS is still ranked low when compared to other districts statewide.

Duncan says, "We are not at the bottom. One of the things in the rankings we've noticed, we've moved up from 152 to 133 out of 174 districts. That's good progress. That's moving in the right direction."

Kentucky was the first of 46 states to adopt the Common Core standards for reading and math and is the first to get the scores back. The data came from test results from the 2011-12 school year.

JCPS says the rest of the testing looking at other subjects like Biology and U.S. History stayed the same. It's all under the Unbridled Learning Model.

Rodosky says, "Last year, our district had 65 percent of elementary kids proficient in reading. The state is purposely saying only 40 percent are going to be proficient this year. So they moved the line up to make it harder for kids to be called proficient."

The Unbridled Learning model holds public schools and districts accountable for five primary areas:

· Achievement, which is student performance.

· Gap,which shows gaps in academic performance among students who are ethnic minorities, have disabilities, are English language learners, or come from low-income households.

· Growth in reading and mathematics

· College/Career Readiness

· Graduation Rates

Educators say there are reasons why the same schools last year that performed well are still doing well this year, even though the bar has been raised.

Duncan says, "Achievement scores basically are driving the whole accountability system. Scores tend to correlate the higher concentrations of advance program kids."

Rodosky says, "There is a lot of kids, they get educated all year round because of the circumstances they are in. They go to camps, concerts. They go to all sorts of things and other kids don't."

JCPS expects individual student test scores at the end of the month.

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