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Vote – But Vote Responsibly (11/1/12)

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Vote – But Vote Responsibly (11/1/12)

To many voters in next week's Presidential election, race will be an overriding concern in how they cast their ballot. Both candidates will receive many votes for and against because of the color of their skin.

Then there's religion. Many other people will cast their ballots for one of the candidates based on how he worships. Or how they think he does.

And of course, there's abortion. That single issue will be the sole deciding factor for -- I'm sure -- millions of voters next Tuesday.

And do you know what these three things have in common?

They're terrible criteria for choosing who will lead us through the next four years.

What we need to be paying attention to are the economy, foreign policy, immigration, jobs -- all of them factors that will not only determine this nation's future direction and health, but also represent exactly those areas in which the President's influence is real and lasting. If Tuesday's winner isn't capable of properly handling those issues, we'll all suffer.

Race and religion are meaningless in this context. And while abortion is a serious topic, obsessing on it to the exclusion of all other considerations completely misses the bigger picture.

So please – vote. But do it in an informed way by choosing who you think can make a difference in the things that really matter. And may the best man win.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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