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Police: couple stole $100,000 worth rare coins

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CLARKSVILLE, IN.  (WDRB-TV) -- He tried to help two people in need, but it ended up costing him more than $100,000 dollars.

"My dad had coins...had stamps.  I was fascinated with 'em and I started when I was 8 years old," says Phil, a coin theft victim.

His name is Phil and for the last 65 years he has been collecting some of the rarest coins and mints in the world.

He doesn't want us to reveal his full name, but he does want help finding his coins.  That includes one that dates back to 33 AD.

"One of the 30 pieces of silver that Judas Iscariot was paid for betraying Christ. They took that coin? Yes, there was two of 'em in a case...that one in a half shekel," says Phil.

Phil says his coin collection, jewelry and money were stolen by Daniel Wimmer and Rhonda Smith.

And he says, "Every time I was gone...they went through this house and wore it out."

Phil took the two in after a local minister asked for his help.  "They said they are going to be on the street; they won't have a place to go."

But after a few months, Phil started noticing things were missing...and eventually so were his two house guests.  "And when I got him on the phone, I said you rotten son of a b****."

Phil eventually reached Wimmer by phone.   "And I said you all stole everything from me.  I don't know what all you have got but you've got my coins, you've got my Rolex watch."

He says Wimmer immediately denied taking anything.

"He said...Rhonda and I befriended you; we got to be your friends."

But Phil doesn't believe it. And neither do police.

"He's a very nice person and they took advantage of him," says Det. Shane Bassett, with Clarksville Police.

Clarksville police are now on the case and have recovered a few of the coins.

Det Bassett says, "I did locate some of the coins.  Some of them date back to the time of Jesus.  We found a half shekel coin and there's also a full shekel coin missing at this time."

And police are not the only ones searching for the couple.  Phil says he told them, "I will hunt you down...I will find you and I will put you in jail."

Police now have active warrants out for both suspects.  They were last seen driving a 2002 silver Ford Explorer with an Indiana license plate.

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