SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- e-Commerce companies continue to hold job fairs to try to attract temporary workers for the holidays.

But while some people remain desperate for work, some job openings go unfilled.

A job fair on Tuesday at the Amazon Zappos hiring center drew hundreds of people hoping to find holiday work.

Some were hired right on the spot and will begin training and work almost immediately.

Amazon has said because of an improving economy, it has been more difficult to find temporary workers for the holidays at its Bullitt County warehouse distribution center.

But several people WDRB News spoke with say its still not easy to find a well paying job and are hoping to be hired at Amazon, at least for the holidays.

"Very stressful, very stressful," is how Kim Heffler describes her job search. She says she's applied for at least 20 jobs during the past year and decided to come to Amazon after seeing a story about the job fair on WDRB TV.

"I came here looking for a job," she says, "I have been unemployed for a year and saw this on TV and thought it would be a great opportunity."

Joseph Jacobs says cuts in military contracts put him out of work. "I am an engineer by trade," says Jacobs, "and I was working in the airline industry and with fewer people flying and everybody trying to save money, they were forced to layoff 60 individuals after contracts were cut."

While some jobs are hard to keep, other industries go begging for workers.

Michael Gritton heads the local job training agency, KentuckianaWorks. He says, "Our agency is working with the American Moving and Storage Association and we have companies that have told us we will hire people if they get a commercial drivers license and take a three week training course to become are registered American moving professional."

Gritton says such jobs offer a steady paycheck.

"If I can get 250 people trained by the end of April," says Gritton, "I can get all 250 of those people hired at a full time rate of $40,000 a year to drive the next A. Arnold, or Mayflower or United Van Lines across the country."

Gritton says the job do require physical labor but they are good middle class occupations with a chance to move into supervisory positions that even pay more.

Even after today's job fair at Amazon, the hiring there will continue for those jobs and others in the community.

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