There's just something about Christmas lights that really bring a smile and a sparkle to the eyes for children of all ages. 

For those of you just starting out with outdoor Christmas lights, there are many great options.  The Home Depot Boys, Scoot Krueger and Joe Autry, explain the differences between the basic lighting options.

LED Lights

LED lights are great for Christmas because they offer a brighter and more vivid light.  LED lights are becoming more and more popular because they offer a great deal of energy savings when having them on throughout the Christmas season.  LED lights can be string lights, icicle lights, net lights and lights with specialty light like lighted garlands and more.

Solar Lights

Solar lights are great because they cost nothing to run.  The solar sets come with a panel similar to solar landscape lighting and will light up as the sun sets.  Most of the solar sets burn for 6-8 hours after sunset and are a great money (and energy) saving option.

String Lights

The Christmas classic, string lights, or twinkle lights as some folks call them, are a staple of most residential Christmas displays.  You can string some lights just about anywhere you can plug them in!  They are great for enhancing garlands, pillars, banisters and more. They come in larger sizes too such as the medium C7 bulbs and the larger, traditional C9 sizes.  These larger bulb sizes are also used in inflatables and other styled decorations.

Net Lights

Net lights save so much time when you want to light up your trees, shrubs and other difficult areas.  Net lights offer you evenly spaced lights that make you shrubs look like they were professionally decorated.

Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are great because they add more light than the standard string lights.  Icicle lights can be LED or incandescent and either make a beautiful impact on your outdoor Christmas decorations.  You can use them to outline your roof line, eaves, fences and more.

Christmas Lights Accessories

Of course you will need some accessories to hang your lights.  Gutter clips make for easy decorating with just about any type of lights.  You can use shingle slips too but they are for C9 and C7 lights.  A light hanging kit can make your life easier and safer.  This tool is great because it telescopes up to 11'.