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Bullitt County Police are being watched

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BULLITT COUNTY, KY. (WDRB-TV)--Bullitt County deputies are being watched while they're on the clock.  The sheriff's office recently started using body mounted cameras.  Some people in Shepherdsville seem to think it's a good use of taxpayer dollars.

Paul Turner is the owner and artist at Ink-A-Holix tattoo and piercing in Shepherdsville.  He recently moved there because of the city's growth, but with growth comes at least one problem. 

"As we grow...crime is going to grow," Turner says.

That's why the Bullitt County Sheriffs Office is following the lead of some bigger cities.

"Whenever an officer comes in for a shift they're just going to easily grab a camera out of a docking station," says Lt. Mike Murdoch, with Bullitt County Sheriff's Office.

Last month, officers started wearing the body mounted cameras. 

"These are mandatory for any patrol officers; deputy patrol officers that are out doing actual patrol work," Murdoch says.

Lt. Murdoch says the cameras will protect officers and citizens, but they weren't popular in the beginning. 

"Officers obviously don't want to have something attached to them like that so initially there was some slight resentment to using them and they didn't want to use them," says Murdoch.

But things have changed. 

"Just in the month we've had 'em...several officers have come and told me they're very appreciative of them because they've either saved them from what they think would have been an officer complaint or a citizens complaint on an officer," says Murdoch.

Meanwhile, the 15 cameras cost tax payers $12,000 dollars.  Murdoch says that's money well spent. 

"That's maybe two lawsuits is what we'd pay out for two lawsuits.  If this just saves two lawsuits in the time frame we have them, then we've made the money back on that easily."

And as a new Bullitt county resident, Paul Turner thinks it's a good use of his tax dollars. 

"It gives you a piece of mind.  I think it's a great idea."

Police can neither alter nor delete the video from the cameras.

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