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Police find millions in money and drugs in middle class home

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LOUISVILLE, KY.  (WDRB)--Louisville Metro Police say it's one of the biggest drug busts in the history of the department.  It is a bust that left neighbors in a middle class Okolona neighborhood absolutely stunned. 

WDRB News was the only station there early Wednesday morning when Metro Police found millions in drugs and money. 

The Okolona home is anything but fancy or extravagant, but police say it was a cash cow.

"I'm stunned," says Neighbor Kelly Bannister.

Neighbors like Bannister were shocked to hear Metro Police found more than a million dollars in cash and bags upon bags of marijuana inside the home.

He says, "It's not that there was a lot of traffic running through there.  If anything running through there.  Those are the only ones; they are the only people I saw over there was families."

That family was Evelia Macias-Farias and her children.

"This is the end result of a lengthy investigation," says Lt. Richard Pearson, with LMPD.

Police have been watching Macias-Farias for months and stopped her on a traffic violation late Wednesday night.  She and three others were arrested when officers allegedly found a large amount money and drugs in the car.

Lt. Pearson says, "The persons that we arrested were illegal aliens."

That eventually led police to two different homes, where you could say they hit somebody's jackpot.

"Literally every room we went into revealed another bag or box full of cash," says Lt. Pearson.

This is a very middle class neighborhood, but with this much money and drugs...police say this was anything but a small time operation.

"These aren't just the guys that you would see on the street corners pushing a little bit of dope at a time...these are major players that are actually impacting the quality of life and the safety of this community," says Lt. Pearson.

In fact, police believe the money and drugs are connected to a very powerful and dangerous drug cartel.  "We believe this is a direct pipe line...no middle man involved...to the Zetas drug cartel in Mexico," says Lt. Pearson.

And police don't believe Louisville was the intended final destination.  "What they were doing is bringing the drugs up from Mexico through whatever route they were taking...Louisville is a jump off point we believe...they mass the drugs here and then distribute to other locations."

It is all still a big shock to neighbors who say the suspects didn't look like they were rolling in dough.

Bannister says, "I couldn't imagine that they're...they're responsible for that entirely."

Police say this is not the end of this case.  There could be more arrests in the near future.  The suspects are also facing federal charges.

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