LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- (WDRB) There were some issues last night, but, so far tonight there have been no problems reported with the re-located Light Up Louisville.

In fact, people we talked to tonight say moving locations from Jefferson Square to Fourth Street Live was a very good move.

There was a chaotic scene on Fourth Street Live last night following the Light up Louisville opening ceremony as police tried to wade through the huge crowd after an apparent scuffle.

Tonight, all was calm. Despite the cold, there was a steady stream of visitors, and all seemed to approve of Light Up Louisville's new location.

"I think it's better. More people come here. It's a younger crowd or a crowd of all ages. I think it's more attractive," said Ahmad Dennis.

It's the first time in 30 years that Louisville's official Christmas display was not at Jefferson Square.

"All you could do was go down there and look at the lights. That was it. Nothing else to do. You got your bars here. You got your eateries, you got everything down here," said John Norris

"At Jefferson, you're just driving by and looking at it. At Fourth Street there's a lot going on so you can actually stop and take the time to view the decorations on the Christmas tree and engage the ice rink," said Courtney Hamblen.

And the ice rink was a big draw. The ice may be synthetic, but the fun was real.

"It's a little bit harder to ice skate but it's fun," said Julie Lerner. "It's a little activity, something to do. It's the atmosphere."

That was a common refrain tonight, the atmosphere. Even out of town guests seemed to enjoy it.

"I think it's pretty awesome, " said Becky Duffy of Columbus, Ohio. "I love Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year anyway, so I love it."

And businesses such as the Fudgery are hoping Light Up Louisville will light up their cash registers.

"I think it's going to do great. I'm enjoying the Christmas tree out front. It's bringing a lot of attention. As well as the ice skating rink. We catch a lot of business with hot chocolates, cappuccinos. It's doing really well for us," said manager Gabe Thomas.

Well enough for Christmas on Fourth Street to become a new Louisville tradition?

"I think it would be good. I think it would be good for business. I really do," said Judy Norris.

Mayor Greg Fischer says this is an experiment to see how it works and how people like it. Except for some crowd control and traffic issues last night, the experiment seems to be working.

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