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Police find murder victim's stolen car

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CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Police have found a stolen car that was owned by a Clarksville murder victim, but the suspect is still on the loose.

"Articulate, well educated, and genuinely someone you enjoyed being around," said Larry Wilder of 39-year-old Billy Chambers.

They are words anyone would want to be remembered by.

"Billy Ray went a long way to try and make sure he took care of his children. Tragically his daughter found him on her way back to school," said Wilder.

Wilder, Chambers' attorney, believes it was Chambers' high-school aged daughter who found him shot to death Tuesday in Clarksville in a neighborhood near Green Tree Mall.

"For that child to have to go through this, you know, it's going to scar her for life," said a neighbor.

Wilder says Chambers was an ironworker, and also owned a few bars in Kentuckiana. But, Wilder says, he was also a criminal.

"There's always the potential that you can't outrun your past, and there's always the potential that that past is what precipitated his untimely death," said Wilder.

We checked and Chambers does have a troubled past, having been charged with burglary and battery -- he even served prison time in connection with a federal case. Wilder says that case involved the transportation and possession of guns, and from what he understands, involvement with organized crime.

Wilder says he talked to Chambers just this week, preparing him for a court appearance Thursday involving domestic violence against his girlfriend.

"The conversation was filled with basketball, discussion of what he was doing, his work, and his health," said Wilder. Wilder says Chambers was battling cancer.

Some neighbors were too afraid to go on camera but say they are baffled because they never even heard a gunshot. Chambers' 2001 white Ford Mustang was stolen from the home after Chambers was murdered; police believe the suspect took it after killing Chambers.

Police in Clarksville found the Mustang Wednesday, but did not immediately say where it was found.

But the question remains -- was it a random act, or someone who may have been out to get him?

"Hopefully the police are capable finding out who that individual was that stole his car and drove away and left him dying in his own home," Wilder said.

Police have not made any arrests. Anyone with information is asked to call Clarksville Police at 812-284-4636.

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