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Police: mother made son burglarize neighbor's home

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Krystal Groves, arrested in burglary case Krystal Groves, arrested in burglary case
Empty Woodford Reserve bottle now evidence in burglary case Empty Woodford Reserve bottle now evidence in burglary case

LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB)--Metro police say a high school student broke into his neighbor's home and just about wiped it out.  Police tracked the teenager down at school on Tuesday.  They say he confessed to the crime but said his mother made him do it.  And some unique clues helped crack the case.

"As soon as I opened the door the TV had been ripped off the wall and that's when I just knew right away.  And that's just when I started checking to see what they had taken and it was quite a bit," says Josh Heird, burglary victim.

In September, Heird's home on Huntoon Avenue in South Louisville was burglarized.

He says, "I thought there was no way we'd ever see any of it."

But this week, police got a tip that led them to Heird's TVs, computers, jewelry and his 17 year old neighbor.  And that was just the beginning.

Det. Kevin Peak is with LMPD.  He says, "So he went over and busted out the back window, crawled through the back window, unlocked the side door and let his mom in."

Police say the 17 year old confessed.  And that's when he told them about his mother's involvement in the crime.  The teenager says his mom is Krystal Groves.  He says she asked him to break into the neighbor's home.

Det. Peak says, "She's supposed to be the role model...be his mother and then she's encouraging him to go break into the neighbor's home

Police say inside the suspects' home they found TVs, laptop and lots of jewelry, but that's not what got them caught.

Det. Peak says, "Someone called and said that they were at a house and said that there was actually a kid drinking Woodford Reserve out of a bottle across the street from the house that was burglarized."

It was a commemorative bottle of woodford reserve that helped close the case...according to Peak. "It was a lucky break that we got and that way we could clear the case out and get this victim back a lot of their property."

"It's just disappointing that your neighbors would do something like that," says Heird.

It may be disappointing, but Heird was not surprised.  That's mainly because his stolen ipad included a GPS tracking app.  He says, "It continually kept showing up...essentially across the street."

Police say the suspects also stole an expensive Rolex watch from the victims.  And they have recovered a gun and more laptops taken during other break ins.  Krystal Groves is locked up at Metro Corrections.  She's charged with burglary and two counts of unlawful transaction with a minor.

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