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McConnell sees President inflexible on 'fiscal cliff'

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LOUISVILLE, Ky.  (WDRB) -- The battle over tax increases at the first of the year comes to Louisville.

Republican Senate minority leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, spoke to delegates to the Kentucky Farm Bureau convention Friday afternoon.

His comments come as both parties point fingers and accuse each other of a "slow walk" toward the fiscal cliff -- 25 days and counting down.

"It leads me to believe that the President would like to drive us right off the cliff. How I think that benefits him is beyond me," McConnell said.

McConnell said he sees little progress in extending current tax cuts after the first of the year.

He had just flown from Washington.

He sees little compromise right now from President Obama and Democrats.

"He's now asking for more taxes than he was before, more spending than we was before and unlimited authority by the president to borrow money from the Chinese in perpetuity. And that's not going to be given him, I can tell you."

McConnell says the president should move to the "center" as other presidents have, to reach a compromise on such a huge issue.

When asked if "he" had done so, McConnell said yes.

It's one dispute that means these Farm Bureau delegates -- and everyone else -- could find thousands of dollars extra in federal taxes taken out of their paychecks as early as next month.

That is, unless there's a deal.

"We know who won the election, but the problem is still there. And maybe, maybe he'll have an epiphany here somewhere along the way," McConnell said.

McConnell said deadline pressure over the holidays could force movement from both sides, but it's hard to tell right now.

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