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How should we talk to our children about the Connecticut shootings?

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LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- "Listen more than talk" -- that's the recommendation from a University of Louisville child psychiatry professor to parents wondering how to speak to their children about the Connecticut school shootings.

That's the primary recommendation Bryan Carter, Ph.D., professor of child psychiatry with the University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics, has for parents about talking with their children about today's (Dec. 14) school shootings in Newtown, Conn.

Carter says to be sure to listen and find out what they already know about the shooting and what does the child understand due to his or her age.  He says parents can help best by showing their strength and support for their children in whatever way makes sense for them.

Parents can help best if they do so in a manner that makes the most sense for their family, he says. "Organize yourselves to show your strength and support for your kids in whatever way makes the best sense."

U of L says Carter advises:

  • "Keep your kids away from the media coverage. It is alarming and could make it seem as though shootings are happening everywhere."
  • "Control the information flow. Kids are so plugged in today; take control of their access to the internet, television and other media."
  • "Have a meeting before, over or after dinner to talk about what has happened. Hear what your kids have to say and then reassure them that it has not happened here."
  • "For families with religious beliefs, praying, mediating or simply taking time to think about the people affected together as a family can help your children."

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