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Parents, counselors should talk to students about shooting

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LOUISVILLE. Ky. (WDRB) -- Children have many questions about the tragic shooting Friday in Connecticut, and counselors in our area are helping them cope.

JCPS advises parents and school counselors to stay in tune with students -- some may have a more difficult time comprehending what happened.

"I already thought Oh Lord, what are my students going to think, say, feel, everything," said Alex Logan, a teacher at Wheatley Elementary School.

Logan braced herself for what was to come from her 5th grade students after Friday's tragic shooting. "Already they were coming in this morning and had a thousand questions," she said.

Counselors went from class-to-class for the older students at Wheatley Elementary School, answering questions about their feelings of sadness and fear of it happening to them. The students are showing compassion -- wearing bandaids over their hearts. "We have the students to put over their hearts to indicate their hearts are hurting as they think of the families at Sandy Hook Elementary," said Mary Beth Boley, Counselor at Wheatley.

"How children make sense of the world around them is always changing," said Dr. Carol Montgomery, Assistant Superintendent of Academic School Support. She says parents should be talking to their kids about what took place. "It's important that the parent doesn't necessarily bring it up but that they're just how do you say it, real in tune with their child just to know was there more you wanted to talk was there more you needed to know, how are you with that?" asked Montgomery.

If there seems to be a bigger problem, ask for help from school counselors. She also says to monitor what they see on TV.

"We run the risk of re traumatizing them every time they see it. It can make it worse, it cements it in their head where they have the pictures, some studies say they can have nightmares," said Montgomery. 

She says students going through issues at home may have a tougher time moving forward.

"If the child's already upset with somebody in the family in the hospital or a new sibling or a divorce going on in the family if anything is kind of out of the norm for that child. This is going to make this situation that just occurred more impactful to their life," added Montgomery.

Oldham County Schools have a plan to deal with safety threats, and the district is holding a series of meetings to discuss those plans with parents. There is one Monday night at 5 at Oldham County High school.

There are three Tuesday: One at 9:30 AM at North Oldham High; one at 1:30 at East Oldham Middle; and one at 6 PM at South Oldham High.

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