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Thoughts on a Tragedy (12/18/12)

Last week's terrible tragedy in Connecticut has caused me to give serious thought to several subjects I think are relevant.

First, I understand why some people want guns. But I do wonder why our society allows anyone other than the military to own assault weapons. These aren't for hunting or defending your home against intruders. They're designed solely to inflict the maximum possible damage on the human body as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Meanwhile, what's the media's responsibility in covering a story like this? Certainly, ignoring it isn't an option. But every time we detail the magnitude of the terror, aren't we basically upping the ante for the next sicko who'll come along and try to gain his perverted place in history?

How should we address that?

And finally, while no one could prevent the madness, heroes were in great abundance. The school had apparently done all it could to secure its premises. The police response was immediate and aggressive. School authorities from the principal on down rushed to protect the kids rather than save themselves. And law enforcement and other official spokespersons after the fact were professional beyond belief.

There are questions to ponder and heroes to honor. Let's hope we do both.

Call and share your thoughts on the tragedy.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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