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LIFTing Louisville's Prospects (12/20/12)

I've often complained that Louisville has a chronic problem getting things done. But that's often not due to the people involved, but a basic lack of funds.

That's why I support L.I.F.T. – which stands for Local Investments for Transformation. It's a campaign to amend Kentucky's Constitution to allow its cities to implement their own sales tax to fund local projects.

Right now, 37 states give their cities this option. And 88 of the nation's hundred-largest cities have taken it to finance major community projects like light rail systems and road and bridge repair. These taxes would be limited and specific, with end dates, and would only be implemented if you, the voter, approve it.

If Louisville could adopt a 1% Local Option Tax, it would impose a minimal burden, but would raise over 90 million dollars a year. It would bring our total sales tax to only 7%, which is what Indiana residents already pay, and would still rank us 73rd among all American cities.

It could be the key to Louisville's future. But only if the constitution is amended to allow it. And that will first take the support of at least 60 State House members and 23 Senators before being put to a statewide vote.

If you agree that Louisville needs such "home rule" to chart its own financial course, I encourage you to tell your state representatives in both houses.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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