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Jeffersonville pill mill ordered to close, but is still up and running

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JEFFERSONVILLE, IND. -- (WDRB) -- Jeffersonville neighbors say a suspected pill mill is up and running again, despite the fact that the city ordered it to close.  But city leaders say even though they know about it, they can't do anything -- for now. 

Neighborhood florist Becca Christensen and her neighbors who live in the shadow of the Clark County Wellness Center say news of the suspected pill mill around the corner being back in business stings like a deep cut.

"Terribly frustrating," Christensen calls it, "because we really thought they would end when the first doctor left."

Equipment was hauled away after the state suspended Doctor Lea Marlow's license.  The Attorney General found Marlow wrote more than 8,000 prescriptions to 3500 people this year and almost all of them received Oxycodone.

The Franklin Commons Neighborhood Association tried to have the place shut down this summer when it opened -- it had a dangerous clientele.

Christensen says, "They were just wandering around and noticing our course of business."

When the state suspended Doctor Marlow's license, the city took action, as well.

Only WDRB was there as police delivered the shutdown notice.  Christensen says it's been ignored.   As Christensen says, "from here I can see that people have been coming and going all week, yes."

But Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore explains, "In legal terms, if they want to bring another doctor in in the meantime, we can't stop them."

That's because the cease and desist order allowed the pain clinic to operate for 15 more business days.  WDRB's Gilbert Corsey found the doors opened this afternoon -- but no  one inside wished to speak.  Mayor Moore says, "Unfortunately, we have to wait till that Jan 2nd date.  We're doing things legally and properly. and ultimately I'm confident that that pain clinic will be shut down."

Christensen and her neighbors are a little less confident of that:  "Don't think so...don't think so," Christensen says.

This pain clinic moved across the river when Kentucky cracked down on pill mills will new laws this year.  Jeffersonville and surrounding southern Indiana cities have since changed their zoning ordinances to keep this problem from happening again.

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