LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---Inside the Lanesville, Indiana home of Tom, Jeanne, and Kameron Walter, you can see the tree is decorated and ready for Christmas Day.

However, when you take a closer look at the decorations, you see the names and ages of all the victims from the Newtown Elementary school shooting.

7-year-old Kameron Walter never knew any of them personally, but shares the same age with some.

Hundreds of miles away from the tragedy, his school has even taken precautions.

Among the people helping is Kameron's father, a Lanesville police officer.

"My department has been putting in extra patrols around the school, especially in the morning when the kids come in, and hopefully make the kids feel safer," says Tom Walter of Lanesville, Indiana.

But Kameron also wanted to help and had some tough questions for his dad.

"He asked me the question 'What about their Christmas," says Tom Walter.

"I bet their parents will be pretty sad because their kids wouldn't be there for Christmas and if they had presents under the tree for them the kids wouldn't get to open them," says Kameron Walter.

This little 7-year-old, with a big heart, had an idea.

"We wanted to put the candles out so they could remember the people who died at the school," says Kameron Walter.

They've taken the idea to social media and have encouraged people on Facebook to light a candle in front of their home at 6:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

They say, they've been amazed at how far the support stretches.

"We've got 30 or 40 states represented, and 5 or 6 countries," says Tom Walter.

So, as they prepare to do this, 7-year-old Kameron is just hoping the idea will spread, and that on Christmas Eve, a night when families are together, they'll keep the ones who can't be in mind.

"So we can remember them," says Kameron Walter.

So far, information about this effort has spread to more than 26,000 people online, with almost a couple thousand planning to do this on Christmas Eve.

For more information or to see the Facebook page, click here.

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