Ringing in the new year may include getting dressed up for a party. Fashion expert Jo Ross is showing what's hot for 2013 in the flirty collection from Heather French Henry.

Trends this year include lots of ruffle and shine. Both pastels and crayola true colors are popular this year, with emerald being the color of the season.

Ross suggests wearing shorter dresses for the casual party and longer dresses for a black tie party.

Heather Frech Henry has a new fashion store open at 1357 Bardstown Road in the Highlands. Anyone can make an appointment by calling 502-381-1483. For information on the HFH collection, go to www.frenchyprom.com

Men can use parts of a tux to look stylish, yet casual. Try wearing jeans with a tux jacket

Or to jazz a suit up, add a silk bow tie.

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