LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- A New Albany teenager says he used Facebook to escape a violent situation with his own grandfather.

The trouble started inside a home on Gap Hollow Road in New Albany on Sunday.  It involves more than one charge.  "You've got one that supposedly is a crime against a person...his grandson...and the other firearms or drug offenses," says Michael McDaniel, suspect's attorney.

New Albany attorney Michael McDaniel is representing James Ross.  Ross made his first court appearance on Thursday for allegedly attacking his 14 year old grandson.

McDaniel says, "Credibility of the 14 year old is critical on his claim so we'll be looking at him pretty thoroughly."

McDaniel also says Ross was simply trying to discipline his grandson when things got out of control.

"My understanding is the kid was grounded over smoking...and there was an argument over that."

But court records indicate the argument turned violent. And that's when the 14 year old reached out to his aunt on facebook.

"Saying that he and granddad were into it, and she notified police.  I don't know the exact content of what her notification was."

Whatever was said to police brought more than just a squad car to the home, according to McDaniel, "So they go out and end up with the swat team out there and bull horning him to come out, which he did."

McDaniel admits inside the home police found marijuana and an arsenal of guns, but he says the weapons were legal. "Oh, he had a bunch; he is the vice president of the Floyd County Coon hunters association."

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