Modern Day Fitness, Louisville's first pole fitness studio, is adding a unique class called 'Pole-ga' to its weekly rooster of pole fitness classes in 2013.

Pole-ga is pole fitness fused with basic yoga moves for stretching muscles, strengthening core and improving body alignment specifically created, designed and trademarked specifically for those wanting a new alternative to traditional yoga or pole fitness classes.

Pole-ga increases balance, coordination, range of motion, adds strength and flexibility.

The workout covers a whole range of aerobic, stretch and core muscles.

The concept of yoga on a pole dates back to the 12th century.

There is an ancient yoga practice called Mallakhamb (meaning "man of power" or "gymnasts pole").

Mallakhamb is a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs poses and feats while hanging from a vertical wooden pole or rope.

Today Pole Mallakhamb is practiced by men and boys and rope Mallakamb (aka Indian rope trick) is practiced by women and girls.

Modern Day Fitness LLC is Louisville's first pole studio and has been in business since March 2010.

They have classes 7 days a week and currently have over 150 monthly regular students and to date has hosted over 300 girls only pole parties

The owner and founder, Ashauna Higgins is a fitness professional certified in Pole Fitness Levels 1-7 by PDIC with more than 15 years experience in pole, ballet and gymnastics. Ashauna Higgins combined her Yoga training with her Pole Fitness training to design this innovative new class.

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