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Greater Clark Schools hold intruder drills

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JEFFERSONVILLE, IND. (WDRB) -- It has been nearly a month since a gunman took the lives of students and educators in a Connecticut school. Now, a local school district is making sure all of its schools know how to respond in this type of emergency.

On Wednesday, all Greater Clark Schools practiced what they would do in the event that an intruder entered the school.

"May I have your attention. This is an intruder drill, please go to your lockdown position," said Virenda Cunningham-Lester, principal of Spring Hill Elementary School, over the intercom.

Going on lockdown means doors locked, lights out, and students out of sight. "They will be in that position if this was the real thing until police, fire, and first responders come and remove them from the room," said Gary Green, Greater Clark's director of Transportation, and member of the district's safety committee.

During the drill at Spring Hill Elementary School in Jeffersonville, a team of police and safety specialists checked to make sure everything is the way it should be. "I'm assuming the role of that shooter as I walk through that school and I'm making sure that these children are out of sight and silent," said Major Glenn Jackson with Jeffersonville Police. "That way they don't become a target," he explained. "It lessens the likability of it in most cases, unless this shooter has a specific target he's looking for. And if we can be out of sight and quiet there's not a reason for him to go into those rooms."

All Greater Clark Schools practiced procedures down to every last detail. "And the teachers hold up a green sign that tells me all students are accounted for and everything went well. A red sign means someone is missing and we need to go into action and find out why they're not in the classroom," Cunningham-Lester explained.

Days after the tragic Newtown shooting, Greater Clark school officials decided to review security measures. The district has been installing camera systems to buzz visitors in after showing identification, and teachers now keep doors locked during class.

Even though Spring Hill passed the test today, Green says there is always room for tweaking. "That's part of a good safety plan, you can never rest on that's great that's wonderful you gotta always look at the next thing," said Green.

Greater Clark Schools will look at how all the drills went today and see where things can be improved.

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